Books in My Shopping Cart

Hey Y’all, welcome back!

Whewww, how has your start of 2020 been? I always feel like I can never catch a breath after Christmas until February. I know many kick off the new year with resolutions of how many books that they want to read for the year, or perhaps maybe that looks like choosing 1 book for each month. Whatever the case may be, I have put together a list of books that I am going to tackle throughout the year with hopes to provide growth coming from a different angle than what I am typically used to.

SO, instead of my normal reading list that includes all things Nicholas Sparks and John Green, I have been more intentional this last week when selecting books that I want to read this year. I’m looking for books that are going to challenge me spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If this is YOU. If I am speaking your language, then stay tuned!

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Ringing In the New Year: 2020 Edition

Hey Y’all – last time we chatted was last year 😉 — crazy, right? But, on a more serious note, I am so happy you are here! I have so many dreams, visions, and goals for this new year and I cannot wait to do this life together with you as well.

My prayer for this space is that you feel invited, uplifted, and encouraged to be unapologetically yourself. I pray that you are chasing the Lord with an open heart and loving every minute of this beautiful life that he has created for you!

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2019: A Year in Review

Hey gal! Welcome back to The Carolina Peach. This post is going to look much different than others, because I am sharing something a little more personal about how my 2019 year was for me; spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

First, I would like to say that I am truly thankful for YOU. Those that show up every week to read a blog or show your love and support on Pinterest and Instagram. A space to curate posts and photos that demonstrate vulnerability, raw goodness of our everyday lives to inspire, fulfill, and encourage y’all to be unapologetically yourself. You are what makes this possible, so THANK YOU, SWEET GIRL!

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Favorite Worship Songs During a Rough Season

Hey Y’all, I am so happy you have found your way here! The Carolina Peach is a safe place that is used to encourage women just like you, so welcome gf!

This week has been one of the toughest weeks in a while, so I decided to put together a blog post all about Worship songs that have helped me connect with the Lord, provide comfort, and endless love during this specific season.

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Tips for Buying a New Car

Hello Y’all – I’m so happy you’re here! I recently just bought a car 1.5 months ago and let me just say: IT IS A PROCESS to say the least. This week, I have rounded up a few helpful tips that helped me purchase my first vehicle all on my own without having a legit meltdown right on the dealership floor.

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FALLing For The Fall Decor Under $50

Fall? Is that you? I am SOOOO excited for this season! It is my absolute favorite time of the year not only because I used to work at Target and see the madness from guests during this time, or the fact that my birthday is right around the corner — I just LOVE the amount of happiness that is in the air during this season.

I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love PSL, apple orchards, hay rides, corn, shopping? Don’t even get me started on all of the pies 😉

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What’s In My Bag: Top Fall Picks

This year has came and gone in a matter of seconds.. I seriously cannot believe I am already shopping for Fall. Not only is this my favorite time of the year because I’m an October Baby, but this is the time of year for one of my favorite fruits to be in season.. aka: apples – so that means apple pies, apple cider, and caramel apples.

Growing up in Western North Carolina was always a breath of fresh air, especially during this time of the year – because fall foliage is no joke! God’s beauty is absolutely everywhere and the weather sure does sneak up on you shortly after the leaves change.

With that in mind, I have been shopping for the past couple weeks as a lot of stores have started to transition their summer looks into fall and I have found some AMAZING pieces that I cannot wait to wear this season that I would like to share with y’all.

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Nashville, TN – Delight Conference Photo Murals

Welcome back to the Blog!

This week I am talking all about the beauty that Nashville has and how you can spice up your Instagram feed by visiting these locations! My gal’s from Delight had a couple breaks throughout the conference to snap some pictures – so I thought I would put together a Blog of the locations for those that have been asking!

12 South

Let me just say, this area is so so special — Not only is it right in the backyard of where Belmont University is, but the neighborhood gives this area a vibe that cannot be beat.

In this location you will find TONS of restaurants to pose in front of, or many alley ways that have some really nice vintage brick, but today, I want to talk about the murals that are consistently bringing tourists to this area to take a picture with.

The Gulch

This area has completely gentrified and is being filled with TONS of modern apartment complexes and lots of places to eat and shop. What I love most about this location is the proximity that it is from inner-city Nashville – the location is just moments away from Broadway street and Marathon Music Works.

One of the most popular murals in Nashville is found in this area – and many times you will find that there is a VERY long line to snap a picture. What I want to truly highlight about this area is how Urban your surroundings are. It is SO easy to get creative with the colorful walls behind parking lots, the backdrops of some of Nashville’s most popular eateries and shops.

  • “What Lifts You” 302 11th ave s.
  • “I believe in Nashville” – Marathon Music Works
  • Colorful Wall – Across from Juice Bar

Broadway Street + Pedestrian Bridge

This area is filled with TONS of tourists – so, beware, it may get crowded at times. What I love most about this location is how inspiring the vibe is. If you are having a bad day or seem to be struggling or battling whatever is going on – this area and the people WILL cheer you up.

There are tons of colorful buildings that stand out on this strip – my favorite is the Tootsies Bar that has been painted in a lilac purple. Regardless, the area is filled with tons of spots to take the perfect shot for your instagram.

Another favorite of mine in this area is the Pedestrian Bridge. Not going to lie – the location was difficult for me to find, and I actually ended up just happening to run into the walkway. This location is the perfect backdrop to get the complete high riser view.

If you’re looking for a travel guide to Nashville, click here — OR if you’re wanting to know more about the Delight Ministries Conference, click here.

I hope Y’all enjoyed this post, be sure to tag me in any pictures if you go to these locations, Y’all stay peachy!


Delight Ministries 2019 Conference

Wow. I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room the moment I walked into Marathon Music Works. For those of you wondering what a Delight Ministries Conference is – this blog is FOR YOU.

What is Delight Ministries?

Delight Ministries is a non profit organization that has fostered a community of women across the country at universities who believe in the verse of Psalm 37:4.

The ministry was founded by two amazing women – Mack & Kenz when they were undergraduates at Belmont University. Together, they have created an organization that has reached SO MANY women across the country.

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How to Prepare Your Heart

Hey Y’all!

I am so excited to share my favorite verses to help prepare your heart for any season of life. This past spring, I took on a leadership position within Delight Ministries.

When the Lord called me for this position it hit me out of no where. I didn’t feel qualified for the position that he was calling me to do. I spent an entire week anticipating actually submitting my application. Surely enough, I was selected to delight women on campus within their faith and help lead them through transforming stories.

Throughout the summer, I have been preparing my heart for our ministries annual conference hosted in Nashville, TN.

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