5 Things I Can’t Live Without in College

This time of year brings SO much joy to my soul. I would honestly say it’s almost equivalent to the feeling you get at the beginning of the New Year, because for college students – it’s a time for a fresh start.

This week I have put together MUST HAVES during the school year to be the most successful.

  1. DEVOTIONAL – I use this in between my classes throughout the day. I just got this devotional from Amazon this past summer (you can find my recommended list here) – but, I absolutely love bringing this along with me throughout the semester to provide myself with encouragement during the long days that I’m on campus, and it also gives me time to sit with the Lord.
  2. PLANNER – Okay, ya girl cannot live or even function without a planner – kudos to those that can, but this girl literally loses her mind without one. I typically get my planner’s from Target, and I personally prefer the weekly planners over the daily because I found that I cannot accurately plan every single hour of my day and once I am “off track” for the day, I feel completely upside down.
  3. NOTEBOOK – I always have a notebook with me wherever I go, and I especially use it during the school semester. This tool helps me keep my thoughts organized and put together.
  4. DESK/CALENDAR – Disclaimer: I probably clean my desk 3 times a week, because I am THAT messy** BUT, if you are not like me and can keep a space clean and organized – this is me giving you a virtual high five! I have also found that having a calendar around my work space helps keep me motivated and up-to date with everything that I have going on.
  5. HAMMOCK – This may sound like a really weird thing to add to a MUST HAVE post, but in between classes you will find me around campus literally hanging out in my hammock. Between being cooped up inside classrooms all day, I find that having time outside allows myself to focus better when I am in class, because I have put myself in different environments throughout the day, rather than staying inside.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post – let me know in the comments some things that you cannot live without, whether it be in college or in your everyday routine. Y’all stay peachy!


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