Delight Ministries 2019 Conference

Wow. I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room the moment I walked into Marathon Music Works. For those of you wondering what a Delight Ministries Conference is – this blog is FOR YOU.

What is Delight Ministries?

Delight Ministries is a non profit organization that has fostered a community of women across the country at universities who believe in the verse of Psalm 37:4.

The ministry was founded by two amazing women – Mack & Kenz when they were undergraduates at Belmont University. Together, they have created an organization that has reached SO MANY women across the country.

Delight yourselves of the Lord, and his will give you the desires of your heart

Psalm 37:4 ESV

The chapter that I am apart of is located at IUPUI, and I help lead the ministry with three God-Fearing women.

What did we do at the Conference?

The Delight Leadership conference was hosted in Nashville, TN at Marathon Music Works.

We spent two days preparing our hearts for the upcoming academic year to lead on campus through gaining knowledge and hearing wisdom from incredible guest speakers: Lyle Phillips, and Jana Ogg, engaging with other chapters across the country, mini sessions from our regional directors and worship.

How to Start a Delight Chapter on Your Campus

Mack and Kenz have made the process to start a Delight Chapter SO EASY. I have linked the website here – check it out, and click “Sign up Here” for further directions!

You can also check out which universities already have a chapter as well!

Interested in Supporting a Delight Chapter?

You can help support the Delight Ministries chapter at IUPUI by either through venmo: prhmoore06 or through our GoFundMe. All of the funding goes straight back to our ministry to support the women in the chapter.

Thank you for reading this weeks post. I am truly so grateful that the Lord has called me into this ministry to serve the women on campus. If you have any questions about Delight please feel free to shoot me a message, Y’all stay Peachy!


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