Cheap Summer Date Ideas

One of my favorite things about Summer is the endless opportunities to be outside and enjoy the weather. This week, I have rounded up some of my favorite things to do with Jake that is UNDER $50!

  1. Picnic at the park
  2. Baseball Game
  3. 12 Hour tourist in your own city!
  4. New Restaurant y’all have never been too (I try to find one’s with outdoor seating)
  5. County & State Fair’s
  6. Drive-inn/ movie theater – if you’re a student ask if you get a discount!
  7. Amusement Park
  8. State Park or county park for hiking/canoeing/kayaking
  9. Ice Cream date
  10. Zoo or Aquarium (The Indy Zoo has my heart)

These are just 10 ideas that Jake and I love to do in Indianapolis and surrounding areas, but you can get as creative as you want!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post! I hope you all find inspiration in these cute Summer Date ideas under $50 – Y’all stay Peachy!

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