Travel Guide: Cullman, Alabama


Cullman is a small, quaint community in central Alabama. My favorite thing to do here while visiting is camping, and swimming. I would HIGHLY recommend Smith Lake Park!

Smith Lake Park has rental options for kayaking, and canoeing. The property is gorgeous with the lake houses situated on the edge of the water. Not to mention, the campsites are extremely affordable!

When traveling to Cullman, I would recommend stopping in Nashville, TN! It’s just a few hours north and the perfect way to make the weekend trip spontaneous! Check out my Travel Guide for Nashville, here!

Rock the South

I just got back from a 4 day weekend trip in Cullman, Alabama for the 2019 Rock the South Festival!

To give y’all insight what Rock the South is and why it is now considered the BIGGEST PARTY IN THE SOUTH, Rock the South was created to help the community of Cullman come together after destruction from tornadoes that turned their town and lives completely upside down. What better way to bring everyone together? – Country Music!!

From a festival that was meant to be a 1 year event, the festival kicked off their 8th year at a new venue! This year the attendance was broke with over 60,000 people and someone from every state in the U.S was in attendance! How cool is that??

This was my second year attending the festival, and it sure won’t be my last! If you enjoy country music, a good ‘ole time, and lots of fun – this festival is perfect for you!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, Stay peachy!


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