Restaurants in Indy that I’m Currently Loving

This week, I have rounded up a few of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat in the Indianapolis area that I have been to within the past month.

Rosie’s – Zionsville, IN

Rosie’s is an affordable, quaint restaurant in the historic downtown of Zionsville (North of Indy).

I must say that this is one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch. The food here is so so delicious, and will leave you feeling good.

I got the Turkey Bacon Grill (Shown in the picture) with tomato basil soup and I would, 10/10 get this sandwich & soup again.

As an appetizer, Jake and I got a blueberry lemon pastry from their bakery selection and it was served warmed up.

Sub Zero – Indianapolis, IN

Subzero is a cute shop on Mass Ave that serves nitrogen ice-cream.. YES, you read that right.

I have been coming to this ice cream shop for a few years since I go to IUPUI, which is just minutes from the downtown area, so I would say this is my go-to stop for when I’m wanting ice-cream.

I typically stick to my usual strawberry, but this time I tried peach cheesecake. I absolutely loved these flavors together and this flavor will most likely become my new go-to.

What I love most about this ice cream shop is the many options that they have for those who need soy options or are vegan. I, myself am lactose intolerant and have a slight gluten allergy, so this shop has always been able to give me a sweet treat with those limitations.

Bakersfield – Indianapolis, IN

Bakersfield is also located on Mass Ave in downtown Indy that is known for their street-style tacos.

This was my first time having a street-style taco. I was very nervous, because I am a VERY picky eater. Thankfully, Jake was with me and convinced me to try something that I probably wouldn’t have if I was by myself.

Jake ordered the fish taco, and the baja shrimp taco. He enjoyed both, but the fish taco was his favorite.

I ordered the short rib taco, and the bistec taco (marinated steak). I enjoyed both as well, but would definitely get the bistec over the short rib next time.

We also tried their chips and salsa. I must warn you – they are very spicy! We really enjoyed their Verde salsa the best.

Pearings – Indianapolis, IN

Pearings Cafe & Frozen Yogurt has been one of Jake and I’s favorites to get a quick smoothie, or a small bite to eat.

This cafe has TONS of fresh fruit, acai bowls, smoothies, coffee, tea, and small breakfast items to choose from.

My favorite smoothie from here is called the “Dorothy of Oz” and it’s simply just a strawberry banana smoothie, but I swear by it!

Jake always tries something different, but his go-to flavor combo is peanut butter and chocolate. However, at our most recent visit, he got the “Tropical Acai Bowl”. This was his first time trying an acai bowl and he absolutely loved it.

Big Dave’s Deli – Zionsville, IN

Big Dave’s Deli is known for their breakfast and their Boar’s Head deli meats.

Jake and I stopped in during the lunch hour and took recommendations from the friendly staff. Jake ordered a Reuben sandwich (Shown in the picture) and I got the “Zville Club” sandwich.

I must say, we both underestimated how large our lunch would be, because these sandwiches were HUGE. If you’re not a heavy eater like myself, I would recommend going with the half sandwich option.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, if you’re interested in more posts like these let me know in the comments! I love trying new restaurants around this area – Stay Peachy!


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