Must Know Tips for All of Your Moving Needs

As I’m sitting in my bed creating this blog, procrastinating un-packing all of the boxes that I have just moved in my new home – I thought about a few tips that have come in handy for myself throughout the moving process.

Tip #1: The Golden Rule

  • This may come to most as a “Duh” rule, but some forget the importance of this rule (AKA, my wonderful Boyfriend, Jake)
  • When packing HEAVY items, always pack in the smallest box necessary. This will help when it is time to actually move.
  • It is much easier moving a smaller, heavy box compared to a large, heavy box.
  • You never want to over-pack a box – you will later regret this when it is time for move-in day.

Tip #2: Categorized Boxes

  • When packing, it is best to pack by what room the items go in. It is much easier on move-in day when you are unloading boxes to just take a handful to one room, instead of later finding your kitchen box in your bedroom closet.
  • When packing, always keep the boxes for the designated room with each other, so that when you are ready to load you can put the boxes together.

Tip #3: Labeling

  • Labeling boxes is MY JAM, y’all. I’m not sure if it’s because I just simply love the opportunity when I get to use a sharpie, or if I just love it because I’m being organized during the process.
  • It is very important to label your boxes in detail. It is much easier when you’re un-packing and know that the bedroom box you just picked up is labeled exactly what is in there, so that you can decide when the appropriate time to unpack that box would be.
  • DON’T: box labeled: “bedroom”
  • DO: box labeled: “bedroom” – “candles, books, lamp shade, blankets”.

Tip #4: Stocked Supplies

  • There is nothing more annoying than when you either run out of boxes, tape, or your sharpie pen runs out of ink.
  • Always make sure that you have plenty of boxes, tape, and multiple pens and scissors.
  • It is best to be over-prepared than under-prepared!

Tip #5: Moving Day-Of

  • PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! You will thank me later. 😉
  • Moving is already a stressful time, do yourself a favor and have everything packed and ready to go before your scheduled move-out date.

Tip #6: Declutter

  • Just get rid of everything! I catch myself all the time keeping something that I don’t need what so ever, when I just need to either throw it away, sell or donate it.
  • If you’re like myself, you probably have some random boxes from phones, too many clothes/shoes that you don’t wear.
  • Something that I have recently noticed about myself, is that I cannot minimize the amount of desk supplies that I have. If you’re needing anything school supplies wise, ya girl has the hookup.
  • However, what I do have going for me, is the fact that I have finally cleaned my close out of clothes and shoes that I haven’t worn in the past year!
  • Anyways, the more stuff you get rid of, the less stuff you will have to move!

Tip #7: Creating a To-Do List

  • I’m literally laughing at myself for including this tip, but I know there are plenty out there reading this that is a list-maker just like myself!
  • Create a list of things to get done before your move-out day.
  • A few things that I like to include in my to-do list is:
  1. Day that I will be packing (Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining, Living, & Bathroom)
  2. Things that need to be done before move-out day (Donate, Clean, etc.)
  3. What needs to be cleaned (Bathroom, Kitchen, Living, etc.)

Tip #8: Having Fun!

  • Moving can be a stressful, yet exciting time for someone. Make the best of the situation and have fun packing, organizing and preparing for your new home!
  • Your new home is only “new” for so long, take in every moment and enjoy what you have accomplished and prepared yourself for.

Thank you very much for reading this weeks blog! Stay tuned on my Instagram and Pinterest for my new apartment looks – Stay Peachy!


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