Eye-shadow Palettes: Spring Edition

Let your confidence shine, pretty girl


Everything’s Just Peachy

This palette is my HOLY GRAIL. I’m sure most who have found my little space of the internet know my love for peaches – so you know I use the Too Faced: Sweet Peach palette for every season, but the blush pinks, and peach tones make this palette perfect for your spring go-to look. I also am a huge fan of Too Faced products because of the scent that they incorporate into each product that they sell.

I have had this palette for almost 2 years, and you can see that I have yet to hit the bottom of the pan. Some of my favorites about this palette include:

  1. Peach Scent -I know, this was a given ;), but I have had this palette for quite some time, and the scent is still evident each time I pull it out to use!
  2. Pigmentation – I love how bright the color of the eye shadow’s are, but how that exact color is mimicked on the eyelid. The amazing pigmentation is one of the top reasons why I have yet to hit the bottom of the pan, because you simply don’t need much on your brush to achieve the look that you’re going for.
  3. Dusting: when you apply some eye shadows, you will notice a little dusting underneath your eye. With this palette, this is not a problem you will have.

Sun Kissed

I cannot hype these next two palettes up enough. When I think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is pastels, and pinks. You’ll notice that with these palettes, most pans are neutrals. I have included these palettes in my spring must haves, because:

  1. When you are wearing a very busy outfit that represent the season of spring, you may want to create a shadow on your lids to tone the outfit down a bit.
  2. You may want to have a neutral tone to tie the outfit together.

These palettes are perfect for either of those options!

Cherry On Top

When this palette was first released toward’s the end of last year, I am OBSESSED to say the least. This is by far my favorite palette from the Urban Decay Naked Collection, and I think once you try it out – you will say the same.

If this palette doesn’t scream SPRING, I don’t know what does. I love the pinks, the dark reds, and the neutrals that make up this palette. This would be the perfect palette to use for a wedding, a date night, or even out to dinner. My favorites about the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette are:

  1. Boldness: I love how you can use this palette to basically “go big or go home”, the reds are truly stunning in every way that you try to incorporate them in your makeup routine.
  2. Subtle Tones: The neutrals in this palette make this very diverse in the ways that you can use it for different occasions. If you’re not looking for a bold look, but are wanting just a pop of color – this palette is my go to!
  3. Shimmer: Every girl needs a little shimmer in her life. This palette is perfect for Golden Hour, ladies!

Sweet Escape

I will say that this is one of a my favorite palettes from the Tarte Cosmetic Collection. This palette not only came with tons of gorgeous shadows, but a full size liquid eye liner, a travel size black mascara, and a light pink shade of their lipstick. Unfortunately, this gift set was apart of their 2019 winter collection and is unavailable, but I must say that you can’t go wrong with the shadows from Tarte Cosmetics

I linked a palette with a few similar shades in this current palette called the Fairy Dust Eye shadow Eye & Cheek.

She left beauty wherever she went


Thank you for reading this week’s blog!

See ya next time 😉

xoxo, Cilla

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