The Girl Behind the Screen

I need someone to remind me of who I am – Oh, Carolina Can

Chase Rice

Hot Springs, North Carolina

Born and raised in a small town just outside of Asheville, North Carolina – the mountains and Carolina will always be home. In 2015, I took a leap of faith and made a decision that most in my hometown could never/want to do – I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to pursue my higher education at Indiana University. Ever since then, I have been on a long and winding journey learning to trust my faith, and become the women God made me to be.

Facts About Me

  1. As many of you already know, my name is Priscilla. I was named after Priscilla Presley, and my younger brother’s name is Elvis 😉 (We’re 11 months apart)
  2. Small Town: I know you hear many people say “I’m from a small town” – But I promise, I am not exaggerating. Hot Springs is a town where red-lights ain’t a thing, everyone knows everyone, and most you’re related to. The population of my hometown is a little over 500.
  3. My hometown is right on the Appalachian Trail, so my favorite thing to do is hike, chase waterfalls, and swim in cat holes.
  4. Half of my family lives in N.C and the other half lives in Detroit, Michigan. (I still have a slight southern accent, but it’s not as strong as some of my family members)
  5. My biggest pet-peeve is when people pronounce Applachia: Appa-Lay-Sha. If you’re ever in the Smoky Mountains, or the Blue Ridge area, please say Appa-LATCH-a. Sincerely, a local 😉
  6. My favorite color is blush pink/Georgia peach. I live for everything girly. If I was living alone, you can bet my entire apartment would look like it was made for a princess.
  7. Everything’s Peachy: peaches are my ALL. TIME. favorite fruit, scent, and accent color in my apartment. I live for peach cobblers. I’m not sure why I haven’t already packed up my stuff and moved to Georgia. 😉
  8. I’m 20, studying Psychology at IUPUI with a focus in Medical Social Work. My end goal with this degree is to work along side patients and their families who are battling cancer.
  9. I’m a huge sports fan, my favorite teams are the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Michigan Wolverines (College Football/Basketball), and the N. Carolina Tarheels (Basketball).
  10. JESUS. Without my faith, I wouldn’t be where I am today. My faith in the ministry of God has provided for me throughout my entire life, and and I’m so thankful for the never ending love of God.
  11. Introvert/Extrovert? I get asked this a lot, and honestly – I’m stumped every time. I’d like to say I’m and introvert at heart, and an extrovert when needed in social settings. Typically, I’d rather spend time to myself, or with my face in a new book that I’m reading.
  12. Small Town/City? For the longest time growing up, I couldn’t wait to move to the city, but once I got here – I realized how much I took my hometown for granted. I’m a lover of the mountains with the small town vibe and the city. So, I’m hoping my next stop has a little bit of both.
  13. I’m lactose-intolerant and allergic to Gluten. Basically, my life is great watching everyone around me eat TONS of creamy ice-cream, and a bag of Doritos. On the real, I do cheat sometimes and treat myself, but lately – I have taken my food allergies more seriously and have changed my diet.
  14. I’m a fan of naming cars. My current cars name is Humphrey Clint Moore, and I typically name my friends cars if they don’t already have a name.
  15. Most ask me if my hometown is close to the beach, and truthfully it’s not that far of a drive. However, I cannot swim to save my life. I’m forever a doggy-paddler. So, when I’m at the beach – you’ll typically catch me by the pool, along the beach-side, or drowning whoever is next to me in the ocean when i’m terrified of a massive wave approaching me.
  16. I stay listening to TaySwift, Halsey, Vance Joy, The Lumineers and Khalid for every moment of my life. They’re my favs 😉 – But, don’t let me fool ya – my country music brings me back to reality, and reminds me of home.
  17. If I could spend the rest of my life traveling, I wouldn’t be upset. Although, I have no plans to travel out of the country until my heart is content with everything I have seen in the United States before.
  18. Lastly, my best bud is my sweet Bella-Mae. She brightens my day, has the biggest personality, and loves lots of peanut butter treats. Bella-Mae is a registered ESA Great Dane/Husky Mix that I got when I was 17. She was my first pet, and has been unbelievably the best dog ever. I know, I sound like a crazy dog-mom – but I really can’t help it, she’s such a blessing.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog – Stay Peachy!


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