Travel Guide: Nash-Vegas, TN

In the blog today, I have put together all of the locations that Jake and I hit while visiting. Take a look below for some ideas to stop by when in Nashville, Tennessee.

12 South

When traveling to Nashville my first stop is always to 12 South. This strip is full of trendy and hipster vibes that just overall makes you feel good during your time spent here.

  • Draper James: This shop is a clothing line that was launched by Reese Witherspoon. This store truly symbolizes a women’s ‘southern roots’. I honestly wish I could buy everything. πŸ˜‰ The cute blue and white wall is located right on the side of this shop, and the “I Believe In Nashville” mural is directly across from this multi-colored wall.
  • Serendipity: This shop reminded me of one of those cute touristy shops that is a mix between a boutique, and unique souvenirs (Tennessee-made jams, postcards, novels, and cute gag-gifts). If you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend checking this store out.
  • When it comes to food, Jake and I wanted to literally eat everything on this street – everything smelled delicious. Unfortunately, we had a large breakfast, so we settled with a little smoothie from Franklin Juice Company and a chocolate sea salt donut from Five Daughters Bakery.

Broadway Street

You cannot go to Nashville without stopping by Broadway street. This street is full of live music, the smell of southern food lingering in the air, and lots of tourist gift shops along the strip. When in the area, check out the Pedestrian bridge (Pictured above) for a nice photo op!

  • If anyone reading this knows me personally, y’all know how much I love my candy. This candy store is one of my favorites and I have also been to the location in Savannah, GA. I always grab a bag and fill it up with anything peachy flavored (..go figure) and all sour candy. If you enjoy caramel apples, or taffy – Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is the place to go!
  • Restaurant Galore: When you’re on Broadway street, it is very overwhelming to decide what to eat. Everything smells delicious, you have heard good things about many restaurants – so choosing just 1 or 2 can be difficult. A few that I would recommend is Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop Bar, and Acme Feed and Seed.
  • On this trip, Jake and I ate at Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge. When you walk in – the main entrance is where the live music and bar is, but if you’re interested in a dining experience – there is a basement to enjoy a more relaxed/family style experience. All of the portions are HUGE – got the Starter Kettle Chips as our main entree. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for good comfort food.

The Gulch

Okay Y’all – I absolutely LOVE The Gulch. This area is up-and-coming and I’m obsessed! From all of the shopping, to restaurants, and the beautiful murals in the area – I could spend the entire day here. In fact, I’m ready to move to this area and live in the cute apartment complexes that oversee all that this part of town has to offer.

  • Kittenish: This store just launched earlier last week by Jesse James Decker and this shop did not disappoint. I wanted to buy all of the rompers – this style of clothing is really trendy right now and the quality was absolutely amazing. This shop has been very popular in the area, so there may be a line to get in the doors! Also, if you have seen the ‘famous wings mural’ on Instagram, the What Lifts You mural is located just past Kittenish.
  • Juice Bar: If you love smoothies, you have to go to the Juice Bar. I promise all of the hype is worth it. I got a smoothie on 12 South from Franklin Juice Co. the day before, and I have to say that Juice Bar’s smoothie was just a tad bit better. πŸ˜‰
  • Restaurants: just like Broadway street, or anywhere you go in Nashville – the restaurants will not disappoint. Some of my favs are Milk & Honey – a trendy coffee shop that is filled with baked goods, gelati, and of course coffee. Biscuit Love is also my next stop when I return to The Gulch area. This restaurant is my go to, because I LOVE a good southern biscuit that just melts in my mouth. This shop also has the cute Instagram-worthy light up Nashville sign.

East Nashville

During our last few hours we spent the day over in East Nashville. This side of town reminds me of 12 south with how hipster and all of the entrepreneurship that they have going on. Everything that we did over here was not planned, and I would highly suggest picking a location on the map and going with the flow – this attitude made this part of the trip so much fun without an itinerary of what was ‘next’ on our Things To-Do List. 

Fatherland District: is where we spent most of our time as there was so much to see. There are TONS of local shops to explore. Some shops that we checked out were The Groove – this is a house that has been converted into a record store. Most shops close early on Sunday’s so I would highly recommend starting your day early, because we ran out of time towards the end to see everything that we wanted to see.

You can find a boutique just about every corner of town. I loved seeing how different the style was on this side of town compared to 12 South and The Gulch. A few that we went into were: Goodbuy Girls, Upper Eastside Nashville, Vinnie Louise, and NancyBGoods. 

  • There are also plenty of good restaurants in the area, we chose to stop at a Weenie stand to grab a hot dog to tie us over to Martins BBQ that we planned on having for dinner. If you’re ever in the area, definielty grab a hot dog from this stand! I don’t normally eat hot dogs, but I was loving every bite from this stand.
  • At Martins BBQ, I had the pulled pork shoulder tray with hush-puppies, and green beans, and Jake got the Brisket with their cornbread pudding, and mac and cheese. Both of our dishes were delicious, and satisfied our craving for good southern BBQ.

Thank you for reading, see ya next time – Stay Peachy!


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