Spring Break Beach Destination’s

Gulf Shores of Alabama

What I love most about this area is how close everything is.. even the Panhandle of Florida! I have traveled to this area many times, and have fallen more in love with the beaches each time I go.

  1. Orange Beach – this beach is the closest to the state-line of Florida. I prefer staying in this area, because it is less crowded compared to the ‘Gulf Shores’ of Bama. There is plenty of shopping including The Wharf. Ton’s of places nearby to grab a bite to eat, and plenty of opportunities for water sports.
  2. Gulf Shores – as many have heard, this is the famous spot known for The Hangout. This area is nothing less of what social media has made it. The entertainment and food is the best! While in town, I would highly recommend going to the State Park to paddle board, kayak, zip-lining, and if you’re into camping – this location is great!

Savannah, Georgia

This quaint, southern town is a MUST when in Georgia. Whether you’re interested in the beach, history, night-life, or it’s been on your bucket list for a VERY long time because The Last Song is your all time favorite book/film (Spoiler..this was my excuse), Savannah has something for everyone!

Here are some of my favorite To-Do’s while visting:

  1. Tybee Island – this beach is so gorgeous. There are also many cool restaurants on a strip just off the beach, my favorite is Spanky’s Beach side. For all my Nicholas Sparks fans, Ronnie’s pops house is right off the beach, so you can easily snag a photo op – if you have problems finding any locations from the film, the locals are very insightful and always willing to help!
  2. Historic Downtown Savannah – when in Savannah, you have to explore the city. This location is truly special; ranging from Victorian style, hipster, and historic. I would highly recommend purchasing a city bus tour ticket. This tour takes you around the city with the convenience of being able to get off and on whenever you want to check out the scenery, shops, and city-life. If you have watched Forrest Gump – you will recognize many locations around the town, as Savannah was the main filming location. Be sure to grab a bite to eat at Debi’s restaurant and Leopold’s Ice Cream for dessert.

Coast of South Carolina

I couldn’t chose just one area in S.C, because they’re all so nice and a great spring break trip. My favorite thing about these beaches is how they do not have the ‘commercialized feel’ to them. The beaches I have chosen to include in the blog are simplistic, and truly recognize the beauty of the natural existance, rather than adding all of the toursity atmosphere nearby.

  1. Hilton Head Island – this beach is probably my favorite in S.C. This beach has the relaxed-resort feeling the moment you pass the toll road. It truly feels like a private getaway. While there is property that is for residents only, this beach is filled with tons of good eatery near by, and a gorgeous beach to soak in the sun.
  2. Folly Beach – this beach is located just south of Charleston. When traveling to Folly Beach, shopping is Charleston is a MUST. This town is the cutest. It is filled with the southern vibe that you long for when you’re in the South.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Okay Y’all. Did you really think I was not going to share my all time favorite vacation-town in my homestate? This town has my heart, and I am confident if you ever make your way Wilmington it will have yours as well.

  1. Wrightsville Beach – this beach is SO clean, relaxing, and the best for boogie-boarding right around sunset. As you can see, the views on the boardwalk during sunrise and sunset is truly breathtaking.
  2. Town of Wilmington – for all my One Tree Hill fans, this is the town for you. Take a few hours riding around town and you will find Keith’s body shop, Karens Cafe, Brooke Davis’ house and many other famous locations from the series. Although, the river court is no longer there – taking a walk on the boardwalk by cape fear river is nothing less than beautiful. While you’re in the area off the riverside – grab a bite to eat from a local joint for the best seafood

Thank you for reading this week’s blog – Stay Peachy!


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